These previous Full & Frank Events were created and hosted by

Juanita Wheeler is the Managing Director and founder of Full & Frank.  

Heath Jackson Thomas, joining Juanita in Brisbane for the first time, is based in Austin, Texas, and has served as brand and creative director for both small businesses and multinationals in the science and public health arenas, while also managing in-house agencies and creative groups. Heath is responsible for the high quality design associated with Full & Frank client projects, and our very own Full & Frank branding. more

This event was held 14 APRIL 2015

Strong brands are built, not born.

Branding for Nonprofits is a one-day event that will give you practical tools to help build your brand into one of your nonprofit's most important strategic assets.

Here's some of what's covered.  

So what, exactly, is branding?

Ah, the B word. So many definitions, so little clarity. To some, it means a logo and a colour palette. To others it's a tagline. Or your mission statement. Or a promotional campaign. 

We'll outline the elements of branding, how they work together, and help you define which are most critical to your mission.

Branding isn't just a for-profit activity.

The for-profit world has long recognised the value of a strong brand. And there are lessons that can be applied to branding for nonprofits. But...

Nonprofits face unique brand challenges.

Developing a brand that must serve many constituencies. Managing your brand while negotiating relationships with community partners and volunteers. Co-branding opportunities. You'll leave knowing how to meet these challenges, and that...

It's a family affair.

The strongest brands are built from the ground up and succeed when every person in the organisation, no matter what their role, is viewed as--and feels like--a steward of the brand. Move beyond the idea of the "brand police" and watch how broader engagement furthers your mission.

None of this matters without the right tools.

Style guides, templates, logo files, partner agreements, roll-out strategy, messaging, phone scripts, event guidelines, colour palettes. The list can be daunting. But you probably don't need all of it. Or maybe you do. We'll outline a process that helps you decide what's right for you.

This event was held 15 APRIL 2015

Every presentation is an opportunity.

To inform, inspire, or enthral. Your slide deck shouldn’t stand in the way. 

The “Presentation” Presentation is a one-day event for anyone who creates and/or gives presentations.

Your presentation is about your mission. Not just your slides.

Presentation and slide deck are often used interchangeably. In reality they are two very different things. Presentation is a holistic term. It's the speaker, the setting, the story, the audience and yes, the slides. We demonstrate how they should all fit together to advance your mission and how, in order to ensure each component serves your goal, you should:

Divide and conquer.

The task of creating a presentation, no matter the scope, can be daunting. See how identifying the pieces, and the right tools to create each one, can take the pain out of the process. 

The right person for each job is the best person for the job.

When it comes to presentations, more often than not, one person assumes responsibility for all of the above. However researching, writing, designing and presenting are all very different skills. Know when to bring in reinforcements.

Know your audience.

Who they are. What's important to them. How they think. No, really. How they think. We take a look at the science behind how humans observe and retain information and how it can guide your presentation.

Now about those slides...

Apply good design principles to both your slides and the elements on them. Use slide transitions to help create narrative and structure. See one simple change to improve the impact of tables and data. And learn the power of a blank screen.