Let’s be frank. 

We all claim to be time & resource poor, whether we are a nonprofit organisation, a social enterprise or a new start up for-profit.  Unfortunately, in the majority of instances, that mindset stops us from investing in things that will help secure the long-term viability of our organisations.

This blog is going to challenge you to ditch the poverty mindset, & start investing in securing the future for your organisation – whatever form it takes.

We’re going to start with a very simple challenge.  It is going to cost you $0.99 (& yes I am playing ‘Thrift Shop’ by Mackelmore in the background as I type this – seemed only fitting).

In March 2012, Cesar Kuriyama gave a TED Talk entitled ‘One Second Every Day’ where he detailed how he had committed to using the HD camera on his mobile phone to record one second from each day of his life from the time he turned thirty until…. well until he was too ill or dead to do it anymore.  He compiled his first year of one-second snippets into a 6-minute video.  It tells a great story of his year, featuring highlights, & acting as a trigger to remember things about each day.

Having found it to be incredibly fulfilling, he was keen for as many people as possible to join him on this new creative endeavour – so naturally, there is now an App, hence the $0.99 (Thrift Shop song starts up again).  It takes less than a minute a day to take your video on your phone & then select the one-second slice you want to use.

But why stop at taking a personal one-second snapshot?  The App has the ability to record & create multiple timelines.  So in 2014, I’ll be doing one for me personally, & one for Full & Frank, as I experience its activities throughout the year.


  • It only costs $0.99 (da, da-da da)
  • It will take less than one minute a day, even for a video NOOB like me
  • It will capture the story of my organisation as I experience it working on the ground / on the front line / at the coalface (pick your metaphor)
  • The end video will be in a format that is highly compact & desirable for millenials & other demographics engaging in social media
  • It will encourage me to do exciting things each day in order to have something good to grab on my one-second video
  • It will help me feel proud about the work I am doing.

So here’s the challenge:

  1. Show your team the TED Talk by Cesar Kuriyama
  2. Invite anyone who would like to participate to take on the 1-second project as an employee or volunteer for your organisation (in addition to doing their own personal timeline if they would like)
  3. Offer to pay the $0.99 for the App if it is a barrier to participation for anyone.
  4. Offer a reward for people who deliver a complete video at the end of the year (perhaps allowing for 10 missed weekdays), like an extra day off or a double-pass to a Gold Class movie.  Get creative.
  5. Let them know they can have 5 minutes a day to work on it (it only takes 1 but be a bit generous – if they have 5 minutes they will come up with better ideas on what to showcase)
  6. Ask them to highlight the essential (but perhaps mundane) aspects of their jobs as well as the exciting, sexy, inspiring & heartbreaking.  Ask them to capture the distressing days (funding cuts, losing staff, losing clients) as well as the uplifting ones.
  7. Make sure they seek client permission from anyone they take videos from, & make sure they are happy for your organisation to use the videos as promotion.
  8. Model it for them.
  9. Provide continuous encouragement - perhaps with monthly sneak previews at staff meetings.  If you have 3 staff or volunteers each producing a video, you will have 3 fabulous videos ready to go & share with the public at the end of the year.
  10. Think about your end date.  With lots of donations coming in over Christmas for most organisations, you might like to run your 1-second projects from 1 December – 30 November.  There are no rules stopping you.


  • You need to spend $0.99
  • You need to spend one minute a day having fun & being creative
  • You need to surrender a small part of your poverty mentality, which says you can’t do something fabulous & creative on a tight budget

No excuses.

All the links you need are here:

Thrift Shop is available from iTunes for $2.19.  Language warning for anyone with delicate sensibilities.

Shout Out:  This shout out goes to Martine Cotton, formerly of QMusic, for putting me on to this terrific endeavour with her own one-second-everyday video.