Juanita Wheeler

Juanita is the Managing Director and founder of Full & Frank.  Juanita is a strategy specialist.  She adopts a holistic approach that demands all aspects of an organisation's operations be mission-driven.  She has a unique ability to simultaneously focus on the big picture mission while considering and addressing the detail of daily operations.  She is passionately committed to changing the world by helping nonprofits and social enterprises achieve their missions.

Juanita has extensive experience as an organisational strategist.  She has worked for Australian and multinational corporations, small businesses and nonprofit organisations.  Juanita has previously held roles as the CEO of a student organisation, the Director of Global Marketing and Market Development of an international biotechnology company and the Deputy General Manager – Commercial Operations for an Australian innovation firm.

She has considerable experience in strategic planning, organisational development, operational design, international business negotiations, revenue diversification, brand development, marketing and communications, mergers and acquisitions, organisational redesigns and change management.

Juanita holds an Executive Master of Business Administration (EMBA), a Bachelor of Arts (BA) and a Master of Business (Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies).

Juanita is passionately committed to fundamentally changing the way Australians think about charity, charitable giving and the role of nonprofit organisations in our country.  Juanita spoke at TEDxSouthbank 2014 debunking the overhead myth and challenging Australians to ask themselves ‘Am I a part of the nonprofit problem?’

Heath Jackson Thomas

From his home in Austin, Texas*, Heath Jackson Thomas brings years of design and branding expertise to the Full & Frank experience.  

Heath's earliest design experience includes a thwarted attempt, as a 5 year-old, to reorganize his school's library books according to size and colour. More recently he has served as a brand and creative director for both small businesses and multinationals in the science and public health arenas, while also managing in-house agencies and creative groups. 

Years of having to both "think big" about brand and creative direction while ensuring the day to day implementation of strategy continues to guide the work he does for organisations both in the US and Australia.  He creates practical visual solutions designed to advance mission and believes that strong brand development and management are essential, and achievable, no matter what the scope or scale of the organisation.

Heath is responsible for the high quality design associated with Full & Frank client projects, and our very own Full & Frank branding.

*Yes, that Texas. The one 15 time zones and half a world away. But thanks to his extreme night-owl tendencies, an always-on video connection and the convenience of a not-quite-psychic shorthand with Juanita, things work out fine. 

Rob Wheeler

Rob is a company director and the quality and operational improvement consultant for Full & Frank.  Rob has over a decade of experience in supporting and enhancing organisational operations through quality assurance, including the development and management of international standard ISO and FDA quality systems.

Rob takes a mission-driven approach to quality assurance.  Focussing on an organisation’s unique mission Rob uses the QA tools of policies and procedures to enhance operational efficiency, enhance communications about missions and requirements and safeguard against noncompliance and regulatory non-conformance wherever possible.  Rob specialises in the custom development of size appropriate systems, the reduction of unnecessary policies and procedures, the streamlining of processes and the enhancement of internal communications regarding operational processes.

Rob has extensive experience in policy and procedure generation, document control, internal staff training, streamlining operational workflow, internal auditing, and change management associated with mergers and acquisitions.  Rob has worked on the quality systems of small businesses, international corporations and nonprofit organisations. Rob is a full member of the international quality association, ASQ.

Rob is currently completing a Graduate Certificate in Business (Philanthropy and Nonprofit Studies).