Our Values

We’re going to change the world.

We intend to change the world. If you are a mission-driven organisation looking to make the world a better place, chances are we’d like to work with you to help you achieve that mission. We should talk.


We don’t like to do anything if it is not in the best strategic interest of our clients and their mission. In the event we are asked to work on a project or create a deliverable that we know, based on our experience is not in the best strategic interest of our clients we will do all we can to explain the more strategic alternatives. With mammoth challenges and limited revenue we aim for our clients to invest every dollar as strategically as possible, even if this means turning down a job for ourselves.

Paying It Forward

We are passionately committed to growing the professional development of Australian nonprofit professionals by sharing our collective, accumulated knowledge, skills and experience. To this end we are committed to delivering high value professional development events, and to providing insights into our decision making processes and rationales during project work and consulting engagements. Sharing the knowledge we have spent many years accumulating is our way of paying it forward.


We will always tell you our honest opinion, without fear or favour. You may not always like what we say, but you’ll always know it is our honest advice.


We only take on new clients when we are passionately committed to their mission. And honestly, you don’t want to engage anyone who isn’t passionate about your mission. We endeavour to be as polite as possible when telling nonprofits that we can’t take them on as clients. Where possible we provide referrals to alternate firms they might consider.


We pride ourselves on our integrity. If we aren’t the best firm to perform the work you are talking to us about, in part or in whole because it isn’t our area of expertise, we will tell you. We’ll also let you know if we can recommend another provider, for example, if there is someone we ourselves use for that particular service.


Our full & frank communication style is not to everyone’s taste.  While our clients have told us they find our communication style to be professional, direct, empowering, refreshing, honest, and challenging, this style is not for everyone.

Our commitment to putting the success of an organisation’s mission above all, including individuals and their egos means that our services are not for the faint of heart or ego.

Our passion for helping an organisation to achieve its mission means that we will make honest, strategic recommendations that we believe will benefit the organisation. We don’t steer clear of so-called ‘sacred cows’. We will make recommendations that are sensible and reflect financial realities, but we won’t shy away from recommending an organisation makes some hard decisions when they are called for to advance the mission. As such our services aren’t suited to organisations looking for a tick-and-flick, placeholder report rather than an honest assessment of the strategic situation.

Because we know our services are not compatible with the motivations of all organisations we are highly selective in taking on new clients. We will only work for an organisation if we are passionately committed to their mission, if we believe we can make a real difference in advancing their mission, and if we believe they are ready to ask the hard questions, receive our honest strategic advice, and take hard decisions to advance the mission when necessary.