What We Do.

Strategic Consulting

Changing the world with limited time and resources demands that organisations operate within a well-developed strategy. 

Enlisting the help of external experts like Full & Frank to serve as a set of "fresh eyes" and apply a holistic and knowledge-based approach will help:

  • Clarify & articulate the mission
  • Develop the best possible strategy
  • Develop your organisation to match your mission & strategy
  • Define & understand your stakeholders
  • Define your audiences
  • Diversify and grow your revenue to merit the scale of the mission
  • Determine the optimal operating model
  • Manage change
  • Confront the overhead myth

Strategic consulting can be provided on an hourly rate, or via a retainer system when organisations are entitled to access a certain number of hours per month for advice. 

Please contact us to discuss rates. 

The Work 

We're not just all talk. When your strategic goals require brand development, a new website, an updated brochure, an annual report or a boost to your social media presence, Full and Frank can deliver. 

Professional Development

Full & Frank are passionately committed to developing and enhancing the capacity of nonprofit professionals. We do this in two ways. Firstly by developing and delivering highly practical, dedicated professional development events on the most relevant and challenging topics of the day as identified by our clients and event attendees. Nonprofit professionals can attend out public events or hire Full & Frank to deliver these events in-house.   

Secondly we seek to provide feedback, information and insight throughout projects, as appropriate, such that internal staff can develop an understanding of the thinking process and rationales behind the strategic decisions we take, prompting a more critical awareness of the processes that they can apply to discussions and decisions beyond the period of our consulting work.

These nonprofit professionals attended the Full & Frank event Facebook for Nonprofits.

Here's their take:


Juanita speaks on a range of topics including her four key talks for 2015:

Screw It.  I’m going to change the world 
What is takes to find and follow your passion

Am I a part of the nonprofit problem?
The question every Australian should be asking and the unintended consequences of our well meaninged intentions.

Next steps: Eradicating the nonprofit poverty mentality
The role Australians, corporations, governments, media and nonprofits themselves must play in eliminating the poverty mentality that’s impeding nonprofit organisations from achieving their missions.

The 2020 Plan
The small steps you can take today to dramatically alter the Australian attitude to charity, and play a small but important role in changing the world. (Someone told me we should give ourselves a decade to radically overhaul a nation’s mindset but we’re just not that patient).

Juanita can also be asked to develop talks on a particular topic of interest to your audience.

Watch Juanita delivering her TED Talk at TEDxSouthbank 2014.